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January 7th Newsletter

Dates to Remember

January 12 – Exam Day – Middle & High School Students

January 13 – Exam Day – Middle & High School Students

End of First Semester

January 19 – BOT Meeting – 6 pm – Elementary Campus

January 27 – Jean Day

January 28 – Home & School Apparel Sale begins

January 30 – Catholic Schools Week begins

Academy News

Please note that the January Board of Trustees monthly meeting will take place on Wednesday, January 19th at 6pm at the STAA Elementary Campus.

We extend our sympathy to Mrs. Michelle Edlbeck and Family on the recent passing of her sister,

Jacci Trombley. We extend our sympathy to Morgan Schahczinski and Family on the passing of

her great-grandfather, Richard Schahczinski. We extend our sympathy to Aspynn & Teagan

Anderson and Family on the passing of their grandfather, Donald Anderson. We continue to pray

for all of these families during this difficult time.

Elementary News

Rylynn Johnston was our Elementary Student of the Month for December! The quality of the

month was LOVE. Rylynn shows compassion toward others. She will help anyone who needs help.

No matter what life throws at her, she can make a positive out of it. Congratulations Rylynn! She

is pictured below with Fr. Robert and Mr. Keepers.

Middle & High School News

Exam Days for middle and high school students will be Wednesday, January 12th and Thursday, January 13th. On January 12th, exams will take place for periods 1, 2, 5, and 6; and on January 13th, exams will take place for periods 3, 4, 7, and 8. These are full days of school for students.

Local Parish News

St. Mary Parish in Peshtigo is building a Youth Choir! It is open to youth in grades 2 and up. Rehearsals will take place at 9am on the Sundays that the youth are scheduled to sing (before 10 am Mass). The choir will sing on the second Sunday of every month. The first rehearsal will take place this Sunday, January 9th. Please contact Mary Beth Pearce at 715-938-2868 or Loretta Rich at 715-923-9979 with questions.

Athletic News

Full Schedule:

Junior High Girls Basketball

January 13th @ Coleman – 4:30 pm

High School JV Basketball

January 1th1 – Wolf River – 5:30 pm (H)

High School Basketball – Varsity

January 11th – Wolf River – 7 pm (H)

January 13th @ Lena – 7:15 pm (Bus – 4:35 pm)

January 14th @ White Lake – 6:30 pm (Bus 4:30 pm)

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