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Your contributions to Saint Thomas Aquinas Academy 
have a tremendous impact on student and school needs.

Giving to the Academy has never been easier.


Click the "Donate Now" button to give
through our secure online portal, use Paypal,
or mail your contribution directly to the Academy.


If you have any questions, please contact the Development Office.


Thank you for your support of Saint Thomas Aquinas Academy,

our students, and our mission.  You are the key to our future!

There are many ways to support Saint Thomas Aquinas Academy.  

The Academy is a 501c3 organization, all gifts are tax deductible. 
Donations may be in the form of cash, 
check, credit card, and IRA rollover. 
Recurring gift plans are available.


Annual Giving Campaign

The Annual Giving Campaign is the most important fund raising priority at Saint Thomas Aquinas Academy.  It helps bridge the gap between tuition income and the cost of operating the school.  Donations to the Annual Campaign are put to use immediately and impact every student, teacher and our facility every day.  We welcome gifts of all sizes and accept cash, checks, credit card and gifts of appreciated stock.


Tuition Assistance
Directed donations to our Tuition Assistance Fund help families throughout the Academy. These funds are distributed based on need.

Angel Donors / Adopt a Student
Help a student and their family with a gift of tuition.  You can support all or part of their educational costs.   


Matching Gifts
Speak with your employer about their matching gift program.  They may be able to double or triple the amount of your contribution!  Many companies also reward your volunteer hours by making a donation to the charitable organization of your choice.

Honorary or Memorial Gifts
Gifts made in honor or memory of a student, faculty member, coach, alumni or friend are gratefully accepted.

Remembering Saint Thomas Aquinas Academy in your will through a charitable bequest
is an easy way to give to the Academy.  It also reduces the amount of your estate that may be subject to estate tax.


Charitable Trusts
When you create a charitable remainder trust, you guarantee a gift to the school in the future.   In return, you receive both an annual income from the assets you use to fund the trust and an immediate tax deduction.
A charitable lead trust works the opposite way, the school receives an annual income stream from the trust assets for a period of time, then the remainder goes to your heirs.

Life Insurance
Life Insurance can be a convenient way to fund meaningful gifts to the school.  There are many ways to approach this type of gift and all are mutually beneficial.

Host an Exchange Student
Help the school  by hosting a foreign exchange student for a year or a semester.  All that is required is that the Host Family will house, feed and transport the student to and from school.  This is a wonderful way to learn a support the Academy and learn about other parts of the world for both parties! 

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